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If there is something every woman must have it would be ladies shoes. Shoes are something that we wear these days not only as protection for our feet but also for fashion. Shoes were first designed to protect our feet from our surroundings but have evolved to so much more; a fashion necessity!

In a lady’s world, shoes are also a form of self expression and style. Ladies Mystique sandals have evolved into something that can be an extension of one’s self with a lot of women. Shoes are another way for women to project their personalities as well. Even those who are not into the latest fashion trends develop a particular favorite style or type of ladies shoes they tend to collect in their wardrobe.

Getting to Know Ladies Shoes

In warmer climates you can see that many of the most common least expensive ladies shoes are found in the form of flip flops. If you go to areas with colder climates however you would find that the ladies commonly wear boots and heeled shoes. This is because the shoes should not only be able to protect your feet but they should also be able to make your feet comfortable.

It is no secret that ladies shoes have gone through numerous evolutions of styles that have won the heart of many a woman. All the shoes that are made for ladies typically have heels that come in a wide range of sizes. But there are also flat shoes that are found to be very comfortable.

The designs of ladies shoes usually vary from one culture to the next while the cost can also fluctuate massively given that the style is a hit in the world market. The materials that are used also vary – they can be made from fully recycled materials, of new materials such as wooden, leather, rubber, canvas shoes, and other materials. Most shoes today are made from a combination of materials.

Since ladies shoes come in a wide range of shapes and styles then you will surely find a pair that will catch your fancy and would suit your needs well at the same time.

Types of Ladies Shoes

There are different types of ladies shoes. Amoung the most popular and well loved of which are the high heeled shoes that have a heel of two inches or higher. They are often considered to add to a lady’s sex appeal compared to other ladies shoes styles. These types of shoes are more often worn by ladies for formal social events, power fashion shopping, and in workplace environments where more formal dress codes rule. Jobs where sex appeal can be an advantage and leveraged is also high on the list.

For you ladies who are the sporty type and who love a more casual lifestyle then there are ladies shoes that also cater to your preference. There are sneakers, trainers, tennis shoes and other athletic shoes that you can use as a form of fashion while your feet are very comfortable. You can often use this type of footwear for sports and other cardiovascular activities such as jogging and cycling.

A new casual fashion trend in shoes is jogging into the marketplace with vibrant art, designs and graphics on shoes; designer casual shoes from Keds. The design possibilities are nearly endless. You can choose from 1000′s of custom shoes with designs from pro-designers. And you can even create your own custom ladies sneakers with offerings from Keds & PRO Keds shoes.

Another popular and very traditional style that has been well loved through the years is the Mary Jane shoes. This style of ladies shoes are strapped shoes and sandals; they have low heels, broad and rounded closed toes. The strap is situated across the instep or around the ankle.

There are also a variety of lady shoes available for those who live in warmer weather conditions. These ladies styles are identified as wedge sandals, mules and sling backs. The wedge sandals are similar to summer sandals only that their ankle piece is higher so it would be as if you are wearing a high heeled shoe. The mules are like slippers that are backless and have no fitting around the heel. Sling backs are the type of ladies shoes with a heel that has a removable strap. The strap can be found behind the heel so that you can easily take them off.

As you can see there are various styles of ladies shoes available. With an ongoing exercise of trying-them-on you should be able to determine which ones are right for you and your lifestyle. There are a lot of ladies shoes shops that carry them so you should not have a problem looking for and finding just the right pair of ladies shoes.

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