Bongo Glass Pipes And Water Pipes

We offer high quality glass pipes, water pipes, and other smoking accessories for the lowest retail prices on the web. We have a large selection of pipes and water pipes to choose from, including acrylics, metals, and of course, glass. Many of our pipes are also available in several different colors, sizes, designs, and styles, so you’ll be sure to find something to fit your needs.

Water holding pipes (and attachments) allow the smoker to filter the smoke through the water in the pipe producing a cleaner, smoother hit. Diffuser downstems, percolators, and ash catchers also help to filter the smoke as they help to break it up even more throughout the water. The more holes or slots the smoke has to travel through, the more filtration it will receive before being consumed. Aside from the filtration benefits, as h catchers also help to keep your water pipe cleaner by “catching the ashes” that would otherwise dirty up your pipe much sooner. Nearly all of our water pipes come with ice catchers as well; which allows for a cooler, smoother hit to come from your pipe. In addition to our water holding collection, we also have a wide selection of bubblers to choose from. Bubblers are hand held pipes (generally in the sherlock or hammer style) that have a chamber for holding water and a downstem attached to the bowl cavity inside the pipe; making it a pipe/water pipe hybrid.

For those who prefer a simple glass pipe, we have many colors, styles, sizes, and shapes available. Most of our glass pipes are available in the spoon or sherlock design, but we also have various other designs from which to choose including chillums/one hitters, steam rollers, cbd oil and even animal pipes! Be sure to also check out the smoking accessories that we have available to help keep your piece in pristine condition.!