All of our chillums, water pipes and other glass items are made from high-quality laboratory grade Pyrex. We offer a wide variety of smoking accessories: pipes, chillums, one-hitters, bats, ash catchers, and water pipes with color changing, inside out, surface worked and more. We are always adding more items as well as running specials so make sure to check back often as you never know what you could find. We offer both silver and gold fuming to our glass products to allow for a wide array of visual effects. All of our water pipes and glass items are handcrafted and uniquely made. We strive to offer the best prices on the web for bubblers, water pipe, chillum, one-hitter, bat, ash catcher and more. Don’t forget to look at the link that says buy in bulk and save to see wholesale pricing, and be sure to check back often as we are always adding new items and running contests as well as having specials. Bongo Online Head Shop and Smoke Shop