Glass Pipes

The cheapest head shop and smoke shop online. We offer a wide selection of water pipes, glass pipes, bubblers, animal pipes, glass on glass and various other smoking accessories. Be sure to check out our wholesale glass pipes prices to do so simply look under the price of each item at the link titled buy in bulk and click it. Each of our glass pieces is carefully handcrafted from the highest quality materials (Pyrex laboratory grade glass) ensuring unique yet durable smoking devices. Multiple colors and designs are available with new items being added frequently. While other head shops and smoke shops may offer competitive pricing, we provide the lowest discount prices for both retail and wholesale, with bulk purchases consisting of as few as 5 of the same item. For stores interested in opening up accounts you can call us at our toll-free number to place orders for less than five of one item. Make Bongo Glass Pipes your #1 choice for all your head shop, smoke shop, and smoking needs. All items are for legal purposes and are intended for legal use only. All items listed are water pipes, bubblers, and glass pipes, not bongs or bowls. All customers certify that they are intending to use all items for legal purposes and are of the legal age to possess such items in their state. Thanks for taking the time to view our site, and we hope you continue to visit the site as it is always undergoing improvements and we are always adding inventory. Be sure to email us or contact us through any of the means listed under the contact page with any suggestions, ideas, or product suggestions.